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Monday, July 28, 2008

Fargo Home Remodeling and Construction


Systematic project management, combined with skilled professional carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc., are the final critical elements to a quality end result.
As a dealer for many manufacturers and distributors, we offer you an almost limitless selection of styles, colors, shapes and features. Don't worry, though — we'll help you pick the best products for your needs, then we'll have it delivered on schedule.
We work with homeowners, architects, designers, manufacturers and distributors to collectively create a beautiful functional home for you and your family.

Keep a lid on costs. Staying within budget seemed to be a common complaint across the board. Both big home centers say they calculate some installation costs to offer preset prices and stick to them unless something happens that's outside their control--for instance, should the contractor discover termite damage, leaking pipes, or dry rot once a wall is opened up. For other installations, such as cabinets, they require an on-site visit before giving a price--with the same provision for unexpected conditions. Nevertheless, only about 45 percent of respondents said contractors from home centers were excellent at keeping costs down vs. about 55 percent for the rest.
Expect surprises. No matter whom you hire, unavoidable surprises can still happen once even top contractors see what's behind or beneath whatever they need to remove. So be sure your contract includes provision for a "change order" clause--an addendum that specifically details what kind of changes require your approval before they can be made. That agreement should state how the extra work would affect overall costs and the finish date.

Fargo Home Remodel and Repair

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